Molecular & Genetic Resources for Hevea tree


See below for brief descriptions of special datasets available at HeveaDB, or click title link to navigate to the resource page.

  • Gene families

    The Gene families dataset provide data of individual gene families in rubber tree.

  • Publication dataset

    The Publication dataset contains the publications about rubber trees and will be updated regularly.

  • SRA database

    The SRA database provide the information about the SRA transcriptomic data from rubber tree. The SRA data were collected from NCBI SRA database and will be updated regularly.

  • EST annotation

    The EST annotation provide Sanger sequenced ESTs and their annotations.

  • Genome

    The Genome database provide 4 copies of rubber tree genome: China, Thailand, Japan and Malaysia.

  • Wickham clones

    The Wickham clones provides information for Wickham clones.

  • Wild Germplasms

    The Wild germplasms provides information for IRRDB’1981 germplasms.

  • Marker

    The Marker database provide molecular marker information about various maker from rubber tree.