Molecular & Genetic Resources for Hevea tree


Expression Data

We encourage users of Hevea to share their gene family data with the research community (gene families with criteria based solely on sub-cellular localization will not be accepted). To submit your data, please download and complete the following excel spreadsheet:


Note that examples are provided in the second row of the spreadsheet. Fields indicated in purple are required. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) can have more than one entry, but the entries must be separated by a semicolon with no intervening spaces (e.g. Ecker,Joseph;Bell,Callum). A publication and/or a URL can be used as a reference for your gene family.

Send completed files to:hcheng@catas.cn

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at:hcheng@catas.cn

Please refer to the table below for a specific example on how to fill out the spreadsheet.